PRESENTED MATERIAL (in the order of appearance)

Monday, 16 May 2005

Sureyya Serdengecti, Governor, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
Welcome Speech

Ali Babacan, Minister of State
to be posted

Jaime Caruana, Governor-Bank of Spain, Chairman-Basel Committe on Banking Supervision
Overview of Basel II and its Reflections on Financial Stability

Josef Tosovsky, Chairman-Financial Stability Institute
Financial Stability and the Basel Process

Lars Heikensten, Governor-Bank of Sweden
Financial Stability-A Framework for Central Banks

Dr. Nicholas Garganas, Governor-Bank of Greece
On the Practice of Financial Stability in Greece: The Implications of Basel II

Dr. Mario I. Blejer, Director-CCBS, Former Governor-Central Bank of Argentina
Some Lessons from Recent Financial Crises

William L. Rutledge, Executive Vice President-Fed NY
Basel II, Risk Management, and Financial Stability

Prof. Charles Goodhart, Professor, Member of Financial Markets Group-LSE
The New Basel Capital Accord

Dr. Gerard Caprio, Director, Financial Sector Operations and Policy Dept.-World Bank
Rethinking Bank Regulation

Iris Jandrasits, Seconded National Expert, Banking and Financial Conglomerates-EU Commission
Basel II in the EU

Monday, 17 May 2005

Dr. Erdem Basci, Vice Governor, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
Implications of Basel II on Financial Stability and Central Bank Policies

Dr. Susan Schmidt-Bies, Member of the Board of Governors-FED
Financial Stability Benefits and Implementation Challanges of Basel II

Ibrahim Canakci, Undersecretary-Turkish Treasury
New Basel Accord and its Macroeconomic Implications on Turkey

Ahmet Sirin, Vice Chairman-Banking Regulation and Supervion Agency
Supervisory and Regulatory Concerns (in Turkish)

Dr. Enrique Marshall, Senior Superintendent-Superint. de Bancos e Instit. Financerias, Chile
Implementation of Basel II-Chilean Experience

Ersin Ozince, Chairman-Banks Association of Turkey
Implications for Banks (in Turkish)

Prof. Richard Herring, Professor-Wharton School
Basel II and Market Discipline

Frederik C. Musch, Global Chairman-Price Waterhouse Coopers
Implementation, Compliance and Rating Agencies
Conference Book Exhibits

Dr. Aslý Demirguc-Kunt, Finance Research Manager and Adviser-World Bank
Financial Markets, Crises Indicators and the Importance of Financial Stability

Monday, 18 May 2005

Sir Andrew Large, Deputy Governor, Financial Stability-Bank of England
A Framework for Financial Stability

David Marston, Assistant Director, Monetray and Fin. Sys. Dept.-IMF
Risk Assessment and Oversight-the FSAP Experience

Zsigmond Jarai, Governor-Bank of Hungary
Current Issues of the Financial Stability in Hungary

Dr. Peter Praet, Executive Director-Bank of Belgium
Assesing Financial Stability: Conceptual and Organizational Challanges

Grzegorz Bielicki, Director, Banking Sys. Off-Site Analy. Div.-Bank of Poland
Assessing Financial Stability: Polish Experience–Supervisory Outlook

I. Hakki Arslan, General Manager, Banking and Fin. Inst. Dep.-Central Bank of Turkey
Where do we Stand in Financial Stability Analysis