About the Conference

With the growing interdependence of individual economies via trade, production and financial market linkages following advancements in information, communication and transportation technologies, globalization has become one of the most important factors shaping economic policies and world economic landscape in the last couple of decades. In a short period of time, globalization has also generated unprecedented changes in world financial system. While the globalization offers numerous opportunities, it also presents new challenges for both developed and developing countries. Therefore, comprehending these opportunities and challenges is vital for increasing the soundness of the various economic policies, and in particular the monetary policy.

Accordingly, this year’s Annual Conference of Central Bank of Turkey, titled “Globalization, Inflation and Monetary Policy”, will be organized around the following themes: (i) The linkages between, globalization, monetary policy and financial stability; (ii) The impact of globalization on inflation and business cycles; (iii) Globalization and monetary policy challenges faced by emerging market economies; (iv) The recent global financial turmoil and its policy implications. This two-day event aims at creating a highly interactive environment by gathering the leading experts and scholars of this field to exchange their views and disseminate their findings on these topics.

The Conference is aimed at a target audience of policy makers, academicians and representatives of national and international institutions.