Papers and Presentations
Durmuş Yılmaz, Opening Speech
Central Bank of Turkey  
John Taylor, Stanford University Globalization and Monetary Policy
Stephen G. Cecchetti, BIS Financial Innovation and Monetary Policy
Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti, IMF Fundementals at Odds? The Dollar and
  the U.S. Current Account Deficit
Philip Hartmann, ECB Financial Market Turmoil and Policy
Richard Portes, Implications of the Crisis for
London Business School International Currencies
Steven Kamin, Developing Countries, Commodity Prices
Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the GlobalTransmission of Inflation
Mehmet Yörükoğlu, Emergence and Inflationary Dynamics
Central Bank of Turkey  
Andrew K. Rose, UC Berkeley Inflation Targetting and Decoupling
Ayhan Köse, IMF Recessions
Leonardo Leiderman, Monetary Policy in Emerging Markets
Tel Aviv University Under Global Financial Turmoil and
  Commodity Price Inflation
Manuel Ramos Francia, Inflationary Risks and Global Financial
Bank of Mexico Turmoil: Assessing Monetary
  Policy in Mexico
Mario Mesquita, Current Challenges for Monetary Policy
Central Bank of Brazil in Brazil: Dealing with Commodity Shocks
  and Global Financial Turmoil
Cristian Popa, Inflation Targeting in an Open Economy:
National Bank of Romania Romania's Experience, Challenges &
  Future Prospects
Stephen G. Cecchetti, BIS Panel Discussion
Charles Bean, Bank of England Panel Discussion
Abdullah Yavaş, Penn State University Panel Discussion
Erdem Başçı, Central Bank of Turkey Panel Discussion