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Summer Workshop 2013
June 1-2 2013, Istanbul

About İMB



Istanbul School of Central Banking: A New Venue for Collaborative Work

The Istanbul School of Central Banking (İMB), recently founded by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, is set to become a home for collaborative research, training activities and technical cooperation.

İMB established in Istanbul, a rising city of finance

Istanbul; a unique city fusing past and present, straddling Europe and Asia through the Bosphorus Strait. Since the invention of the concepts "trade" and "economy", since the days of the Silk Road, Istanbul has been at the center. Located in a country which is Europe's 5th largest economy and a founding member of the OECD and the G-20, Istanbul takes pride in her strong historical heritage and multicultural structure. While emerging as a hub for world-wide financial systems and a main destination of international events, Istanbul continues to amaze visitors with her scenic hills, ancient architecture and rolling Bosphorus, studded with ships and ferries.

Thinking collaboratively on new economic and financial challenges

In the wake of the financial crisis, rethinking macroeconomic policy, sharing experiences and best practices in a highly interdependent global economy are vital. Hence, a synergy among policy makers, practitioners and academics is required to explore solutions to economic and financial challenges. New communication venues are essential to provide discussion platforms for this joint work. The İMB intends to create an ideal setting for such a platform.
The İMB emphasizes collaborative effort to promote frontier research and to develop human capital in economics and finance, primarily in central banking. Therefore, the İMB intends to engage in capacity building through technical cooperation with peer central banks, international institutions and universities.
The İMB welcomes scholars and central bankers in Istanbul to meet, exchange views and ideas, give lectures and study contemporary topics.

Our Location

The İMB is on the coast of Fenerbahçe, facing the sun-drenched Prince's Islands. It is conveniently located within walking distance from the lovely Kalamış Marina and vibrant Bağdat Avenue, famous for fine dining and shopping. Also close by is the popular Kadiköy antiques bazaar and the exquisite 19th century railway station, Haydarpaşa. The district offers a wide variety of interesting attractions for visitors.



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