2.5.2. Transfer of the Activities of the Risk Center

Tasks of the Risk Center Management (RCM) were determined by Law No.6111 and the "Regulation on the Risk Center". The RCM, which held its first meeting on 4 June 2012, is composed of one member determined by the CBRT, one member determined by the BRSA, seven members selected by the Board of Directors of the BAT. In this first meeting, decisions to constitute the fundamentals of the Risk Center were made.

With the proposal of the RCM and the assent of the BRSA, the BAT decided to cooperate with the Kredi Kayıt Bürosu A.Ş. (KKB) as an information-sharing platform so as to conduct the activities of the Risk Center. The technical specifications about the technical infrastructure and the contract on the services to be provided were signed by and between the BAT and KKB on 19 December 2012.

Accordingly, the timetable regarding the functioning of the KKB as the Risk Center, which was proposed by the RCM of the BAT, was approved by the BAT Board of Directors and the process is progressing according to this timetable. The KKB system was inspected before the transfer of the CBRT data. A protocol was signed on the transfer of the data and the testing process between the BAT and the CBRT. Finally, the CBRT data was transferred to the BAT (KKB) on 24 January 2013.

According to the timetable:

  • The data received by the KKB and the reports produced during the 3-month testing period will be subject to a cross-check by the CBRT and the KKB, and the differences will be eliminated,
  • Activities of the CBRT Risk Center will be terminated and KKB will start functioning as the Risk Center as of 1 June 2013,

thereby the transfer process will be completed.

During the testing period in February, March and April 2013, the KKB and the CBRT will be simultaneously collecting data from the banks and financial institutions, compiling them and producing the respective feedback data. At the end of this process, the data and the reports produced by the KKB are expected to be consistent with those of the CBRT. At the end of the 3-month testing period, the consistency level of the said reports and data will be measured. Once the targeted consistency is achieved, the KKB is expected to start functioning as the Risk Center as of 1 June 2013.