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About the Conference

In many emerging markets, high dollarization is identified as an important factor that add to the challenges related to international capital flows. On the other hand, dollarization is seen as a symptom of some underlying causes such as macroeconomic imbalances and inflation. Clearly, there is a long way ahead for both policy makers and academics in assessing the causes and consequences of dollarization. Therefore, on the occasion of its 75th anniversary, the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey will host a two-day international conference to re-examine the dollarization phenomenon, and to improve our understanding of this critical issue.

The Conference will serve as a platform to evaluate the causes and consequences of dollarization. It will draw on a variety of country experiences as well as discuss the types of reforms that countries need to implement to reduce their financial fragilities. The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey is honored to welcome leading practitioners and academics as speakers at the conference

The Conference is aimed at a target audience of policy makers, academics and representatives of national and international institutions.

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