1.2 Staff

In keeping with the strategic role that it plays in the Turkish economy as well as with the various duties that it undertakes, the CBRT employs highly-qualified human resources comprised of different professions. As of 31 December 2017, the Bank had 3,730 people on its payroll.

During 2017, 908 people left the Bank’s employment for such reasons as retirement, resignation, dismissal, military service obligations, and death while 74 people were hired. As a result of this, the number of people on the Bank’s payroll at year-end was 3,730, which was 834 fewer than was the case twelve months earlier (Graph 1.2.1).

General administrative services accounted for the biggest (78.66 percent) share of the Bank’s staffing positions. This was followed in turn by technical services (12.06 percent), auxiliary services (8.53 percent), health services (0.40 percent), and legal services (0.35 percent). Of the Bank’s personnel, 79.44 percent are permanent staff and 20.56 percent are employed under contracts.

Of the CBRT’s personnel, 56.11 percent are employed at the Bank’s Head Office and 43.89 percent of them in its branches. A breakdown of personnel by age shows that 47.51 percent of them are in the 31-40 age group (Graph 1.2.2). On the other hand, 79.44 percent of them hold at least one associate, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree (Graph 1.2.3).

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