2.11 Training Activities

During 2017, 5,428 people took part in CBRT‑organized training activities while 625 CBRT employees benefited from a variety of programs conducted by other agencies and organizations.

2.11.1 Training Programs Organized by the CBRT

During 2017, 3,981 CBRT employees attended in-house training programs on “Banking”, “Development & Soft Skills”, and “Promotion” (Graph Two programs (“Microsoft Office 2010” and “Prevention of Money-Laundering and Terrorism Financing”) were administered as e-learning. A total of 648 people took part in training programs.

A total of 1,409 university students took part in last year’s CBRT pre‑recruitment programs. 3 took part in the CBRT Internship Program and another 6 took part in the CBRT International Internship Program. Training was also provided to 29 outsourced employees (Graph In line with the Bank’s goal of expanding the scope of İMB’s training activities, the School’s mission and scope as defined in the CBRT Charter on Organization and Duties was amended to give it the authority to conduct training programs dealing with economics and finance issues to public and private‑sector organizations in Turkey. For the first time in 2017, the school conducted training programs on the subjects of money, banks and central banking, monetary policy, and exchange rate regimes for 65 of the employees of Energy Exchange Istanbul.

On 24 October 2017, a “Cashless Society Workshop” was held at the CBRT Head Office Conference Hall.

On 8 December 2017, a seminar on “Regulations Concerning the Prevention of Money-Laundering and Terrorism Financing” was conducted for CBRT employees in order to increase their awareness of the CBRT’s corporate policy related to such matters and of the new practices that were being introduced within this context.

On 27 February 2017, a workshop on “Supervision of Payment and Security Settlement Systems” was conducted in Istanbul to inform systems operators about national regulations and international standards that must be taken into account when supervising the payment and security settlement systems, to explain the purpose, scope, and methods of supervision and to respond to the questions of systems operators, if any.

2.11.2 International Training and Technical Support Activities

A total of 534 people consisting of employees from the central banks and policy-making authorities of 58 countries and from institutions in Turkey took part in the international training and technical support activities organized by the İMB in 2017.

In 2017 the İMB also conducted 15 international training programs in the form of seminars and workshops on issues pertinent to central banking. Of these programs, two concerning cash management and Islamic finance and real‑economy financing were organized for the first time in 2017. During 2017, the İMB provided the participants in one training program with an opportunity to continue their training in the field. Two trainees who completed the Bank’s “Balance of Payments and External Statistics” took part in a five‑day on‑the‑job training at the Statistics Department in Ankara.

International training programs organized by the İMB in 2017 are as follows:

A total of 343 people consisting of employees from the central banks and policy‑making authorities of 58 countries and from institutions in Turkey took part in 15 international training programs organized by the İMB in 2017 (Graph The programs’ 311 international participants represented countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America (Graph

In its efforts to increase bilateral cooperation with other central banks and international organizations, the İMB also organized 14 technical support programs (6 of which took place outside Turkey) for the staff of 12 central banks and two other organizations. Two of these programs were conducted under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Bank Indonesia, one under an MoU with the Central Bank of Iraq, and one under an MoU with the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Under the technical support programs organized by the CBRT, the Bank and relevant institutions from Turkey shared knowledge and experience with the employees of other central banks and policy-making authorities on the subjects of:

During 2017, 191 employees from other central banks and policy‑making authorities took part in the CBRT‑organized technical support programs (Graph

2.11.3 Training Activities Organized by Other Agencies and Organizations

A total of 242 CBRT employees attended short‑term training programs organized by other agencies and organizations in Turkey and 196 CBRT employees attended such programs abroad. In addition, 38 CBRT employees took part in training programs organized by other agencies and organizations under the Financial Support Program for Academic Studies (Graph

During 2017, 121 CBRT employees, 27 of whom were recently enrolled, continued their Master’s and PhD studies in Turkey, while 28 employees, including 10 recently enrolled, took part in Master’s/PhD degree programs abroad (Graph

2.11.4 Other Activities

In the context of “Assignment of Speakers and Lecturers from the CBRT”, seven employees gave lectures in training events organized by a variety of agencies and organizations in Turkey; another two were assigned to serve as visiting lecturers in different universities in Turkey.

Within the scope of specialist-qualification thesis evaluations, theses prepared by assistant specialists wishing to be promoted to full specialist positions were examined and approved by thesis committees.

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