2.12. Training Activities

In 2013, 5,161 people participated in the training activities organized by the CBRT; 613 CBRT employees benefited from training activities organized by other institutions while 65 CBRT employees took part as speakers/lecturers in training activities organized by other institutions in Turkey and abroad.

2.12.1. Training Activities Organized by the CBRT

In 2013, 4,352 CBRT employees attended programs organized by the CBRT. These programs are categorized as: “Training Programs on Banking”, “Training Programs on Development and Soft Skills”, “Training Programs for Promotion” and “Conferences and Panels” (Graph 33).

For the “CBRT Introductory Program”, 1,244 university students were enrolled in the internship program and given presentations about the CBRT. Moreover, 45 international students from the universities of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan attended a one-month internship program at the CBRT. Also, 93 temporary staff and 43 participants from other institutions attended training programs organized by the CBRT (Graph 34).

2.12.2. International Training and Technical Cooperation Activities

The İMB organizes international training activities on central banking issues with the participation of central banks and international institutions. To improve bilateral technical cooperation among our Bank, other central banks and international institutions, the İMB organized 7 international training activities in its first year. Out of a total of 7 training activities, 2 were held abroad. Specialists from the CBRT delivered a seminar on “Financial Stability: Turkish Perspective” for the officials at the Azerbaijan Central Bank in Baku and a seminar on “Risk Management” for the officials at Kyrgyzstan Central Bank in Bishkek in cooperation with the Statistical Economic and Social Research and Training Center for Islamic Countries (SESRIC). A course on “Introduction to General Equilibrium Models and Techniques” and a seminar on “Risk Management in Islamic Financial Institutions” in cooperation with the SESRIC were organized in Ankara for CBRT specialists and economists. An international course on “Formulation, Estimation and Policy Analysis with DSGE Models” and international seminars on “Short-term Forecasting at Central Banks” and “Inflation Targeting Practices” were organized in Istanbul with the participation of economists and specialists from several central banks. A total of 140 central bankers attended these İMB training activities; 73 were from other central banks.

Additionally, with the intention of improving bilateral cooperation with the central banks and international institutions, the İMB organized 5 bilateral technical cooperation programs on “CBRT Crisis Experience: Financial Stability and Banking Policies”, “Human Resources Management”, “Credit Registry System”, “Logistical Services” and “De-Dollarization Period”. The İMB also organized 2 regional workshops, “Understanding Macroeconomic Dynamics and Financial Markets: Practices and Experiences” for the Middle East and North Africa region and “Banking Sector and Economic Activity: Identifying the Real and Financial Challenges” for the South Eastern Europe region. The CBRT shared its experience on central banking issues with 90 officials from other central banks with the İMB’s technical cooperation programs. Furthermore, several bilateral meetings were held with representatives from the central banks of Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan. According to the results of these meeting, preparations for long term technical cooperation programs for the officials of these central banks have started.

Specialists and economists from 21 central banks participated in the Bank’s international training and technical cooperation activities organized and coordinated by the İMB.

2.12.3. Training Activities Organized by Other Institutions

A total of 153 CBRT employees attended short-term training programs organized by other institutions in Turkey and 212 CBRT employees attended international short-term training programs by foreign institutions. Furthermore, in accordance with the “Financial Support Program for Academic Studies”, 91 CBRT employees participated in the training programs organized by other institutions (Graph 35).

During 2013, 101 CBRT employees, 26 of whom were recently enrolled, continued their Master’s/PhD degree programs in Turkey, while 55 employees, including 12 recently enrolled, studied for Master’s/PhD degree programs abroad. Moreover, 1 CBRT employee attended a Professional Study and Research Program abroad. (Graph 36).

2.12.4. Other Activities

Within the category of “Assignment of Speakers/Lecturers from the CBRT”, 47 employees gave lectures in various training events organized by other institutions; 46 in Turkey and 1 abroad. Moreover, 17 CBRT employees gave semester based lectures in different universities in Turkey.

In addition, thesis studies of 14 assistant specialists were examined and evaluated by the committee. All 14 assistant specialists were promoted as specialists in 2013.