2.12 Training Activities

Training events organized by the CBRT were mostly in the form of e-learning rather than in-person during the pandemic. Among e-learning programs taught were information security, office ergonomics, occupational health and safety revalidation and personal development for executives and employees. In addition, various e-learning platforms on informatics were made available to relevant employees, and virtual classroom training was organized for executives and the staff.

A total of 18 platforms offering online training with Central Banks and International Institutions were scanned, and an online training catalog consisting of categories such as general economy, data analysis, banking, finance, statistics and communication was prepared and put at the staff’s disposal.

A total of 203 CBRT employees benefited from a variety of programs conducted by other institutions and organizations. Besides, a total of 14 CBRT employees took part in local training as instructor or speaker. 16 theses prepared by central bank assistant specialists were examined and found satisfactory by relevant thesis commissions.

2.12.1 Training Programs Organized by the CBRT 

A total of 28,018 CBRT employees attended in-house training programs, subject matters of which are listed in Chart

A total of 252 university students took part in last year’s CBRT pre-recruitment programs.

To increase the use of the Electronic Data Delivery System (EDDS) and improve the users’ statistical literacy, the CBRT organized a number of EDDS training courses within the pre-recruitment programs for interns in Ankara and Istanbul.

A poster presentation was made about EDDS at the Statistics Symposium organized by Hacı Bayram University in February 2020 and sponsored by the Bank.

A webinar on “How COVID-19 is Changing the World: A Statistical Perspective” was held on 26 June 2020, and a presentation was made by Steve MacFeely, the head of the Statistics department of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

2.12.2 Training Programs Organized by Other Institutions

A total of 37 CBRT employees attended short-term training programs organized by other institutions and organizations in Turkey, 7 of which were online, and 18 CBRT employees attended such programs abroad, 8 of which were online. Additionally, 3 CBRT employees took part in training programs organized by other institutions and organizations under the Financial Support Program for Academic Studies (Chart

A total of 128 CBRT employees, 15 of whom were recently enrolled, continued their graduate (Master’s and PhD) studies in Turkey, while 17 employees, including 7 recently enrolled, pursued such studies abroad (Chart

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