2.4.1 Restructuring of Payment Systems

Efforts towards restructuring of the payment systems that started in 2011 are conducted in the scope of "The CBRT Restructuring of Payment Systems Project". The project is carried out by the internal resources of CBRT. When this project is completed, the infrastructure will have been totally renewed and technically improved. The restructuring is expected to contribute to the system's continuity, to decrease the attention and solution time, to lower the cost of meeting the needs and demands, to develop quickly and to design the systems more functionally and more productively.

The studies related to the Participant Interface System (KAS), the Auction System (İhS) and the Retail Payment System (RPS) were achieved in 2012 within the scope of Restructuring of Payment Systems. KAS and İhS started functioning on 1 October 2012 and RPS started functioning on 7 December 2012. Meanwhile, the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)-Electronic Securities Transfer System (ESTS) Private Network was also enhanced and participants' connections were improved and security devices were renewed.

Studies related to the design and the development of the newer versions of EFT and ESTS have started. These studies are projected to be completed in 2013.

Lastly, the Emergency Case Software Package (ADUP) was adapted to KAS, İhS and RPS as ADUP 2.0 and started functioning.