2.4.2 EFT- ESTS System Issues Studies for Disaster Recovery Guidelines

The new version of the Disaster Recovery Guidelines for the participants has been prepared and published. The Guidelines describe the emergency cases in EFT-ESTS, the measures that should be taken to minimize the cases and the methods to employ to ensure continuity in case of emergency.

This document redefines and classifies the disaster cases, updates the roles, redescribes the measures and adds the routines for using ADUP.

Information on the disaster recovery practices held in all components of the system and contact information of the persons to be contacted in case of an emergency have been updated and the roles have been redefined.

Moreover, all the documents and procedures as well as the contact information needed in case of an emergency have been shared with participants on the Internet. Thus, all necessary improvements have been made to make all the necessary information easily accessible. Disaster Recovery Guidelines will be updated and published in the scope of Restructuring of Payment Systems in 2013. Utilization Statistics of the EFT-ESTS

The total amount of transactions conducted via the EFT-ESTS system in 2012 became TL 32.7 trillion.  The highest daily amount, which was TL 216.92 billion, was recorded on 31 October 2011. This value was not surpassed in 2012. The average daily amount of transactions was TL 129.3 billion in 2012 (Graph 24).

In 2012, the number of transactions conducted in the system was 183 million and the average daily number of messages was 724,350. The highest number of daily transactions was recorded as 1,703,564 on 17 September 2012 (Graph 25).

RPS has been operating since 7 December 2012.  The total value of the transaction messages has reached TL 574 billion. While the highest daily transaction amount was TL 55 billion, the average daily transaction amount was TL 33 billion.

Since the day it was first introduced, the number of transactions handled in the RPS system has reached 14,934,481 and the average daily number of messages has been 878,498. The highest transaction value was recorded on 17 December 2012 with 1,930,377 transactions. The number of participants in EFT-ESTS was 49 as of end-2012.

Grafik Efforts to Include the Central Securities Depository Institution in the ESTS

Necessary activities to include the Central Securities Depository Institution (MKK) in the ESTS as a direct member have been carried out. The MKK was accepted as a special member of the ESTS on 26 June 2012. Within the framework of the activities towards making the MKK a member of the ESTS, the EFT-ESTS System Operating Guidelines and the Membership Contract were modified and necessary technical work was carried out to connect MKK to the system.

As the MKK started to operate as a member of the ESTS, the government bonds started to be dematerialized at the ESTS and registered on behalf of the customer. All the members of the EFT-ESTS can conduct the necessary dematerialization process by using the facilities provided for MKK at the ESTS.