1.2. CBRT 2014-2018 Strategic Plan

Our Vision

To be one of the world’s leading central banks, with its independence, sound organizational structure, highly qualified employees, technological advantages and capacity to achieve effective results.

Our Mission

To design and implement policies to achieve price stability and contribute to financial stability for the sound functioning of money, credit and capital markets along with all other sectors of the economy; manage foreign exchange and gold reserves; issue the country’s banknotes; ensure continuity of the safe circulation of banknotes; steer the development of payment and securities settlement systems, supervise them and also establish and operate systems when necessary; increase the effectiveness of the CBRT on a regional and global scale by strengthening international relations; add value to its employees, stakeholders and the community as called for by its corporate governance structure and the values of transparency and accountability.

Our Values

1. Independence

2. Transparency and accountability

3. Credibility

4. Public interest

5. Effectiveness and efficiency

Strategic Areas and Strategic Goals

The strategic goals (SG) of the CBRT are defined under three areas: public, global and corporate.

Public Area

SG-1. Achieve price stability.

SG-2. Contribute to financial stability.

Global Area

SG-1. Play an influential role in the international scene.

SG-2. Increase prestige in the international arena through research and capacity building activities.

Corporate Area

SG-1. Execute the primary tasks on the basis of the efficiency and effectiveness principles and ensure corporate development.

SG-2. Strengthen corporate identity and internal communication.