2.13. Social Responsibility Activities, Donations and Financial Support

In addition to performing the duties and responsibilities entrusted to it by the CBRT Law, the CBRT also engages in social responsibility activities and contributes to academic studies and various fields of interest by providing donations and financial support. In the scope of the Financial Support Program for Academic Studies, the Bank continued to provide support for conferences on economics and finance as well as for other academic and policy- making studies in these fields. Among the academic programs that applied for financial support, the Bank provided financial support for 19 academic programs.

Furthermore, the CBRT organized the 5th Contest for Academic Studies in 2014 to support academic studies in the Turkish economy, central banking or monetary policy and make these studies accessible to a larger audience. At the end of the evaluation process, one candidate was granted a first award, one candidate was granted a second award and one candidate was granted a third award, while four others were granted academic encouragement awards.

Central Bank Derince Anatolian High School in İzmit was founded by the contributions of the CBRT and the Bank of Greece in the aftermath of the 17 August 1999 earthquake in Turkey. The school, which started education in 2001-2002, had its 13th graduation ceremony in May 2014, where the highest ranking three graduates were awarded with plaquets, money awards and various presents. By 2014, the total number of graduates of the high school that has received a scholarship from the Bank for university education reached 70. Moreover, the CBRT donated office equipments such as notebooks, printers, and fax machines, a close-circuit TV system and a security system to the school.

The CBRT made a donation to furnish the girls’ dormitory which was constructed by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Spouses Solidarity Association in Erciş district of Van province.

Furniture, such as office tables, coffee tables, shelving units , cabinets that had been out of use at the CBRT were repaired, maintained, polished and electronic devices such as computers, telephones, printers were repaired and maintained, and later distributed to educational institutions which were in need of such items.