2.12. Culture, Art and Sports

Commemorating the 600th anniversary of the establishment of the political, economic, cultural, and diplomatic relationships and artistic cooperation between Turkey and Poland, the exhibition entitled “The Orient, Modernity and Art” selected from the Art Collection of the Bank, was held at the Wilanow Palace Museum, Warsaw, Poland between the dates of 25 June – 21 September 2014. The exhibition showcased the work produced by a group of other artists mostly in the 1980s and 1990s. The works were acquired by the CBRT collection in the 1990s when denouncements of Europe-centrism, hegemony and other modernity were frequently the agenda and bore witness to the spirit of an era rather than attempting to promote today’s contemporary art. The exhibition focused on the reality of modern art of another, overshadowed culture of lands so long assumed to have stayed outside the reach of time, overlooked by historic processes, and where tradition and customs survived unchanged. A special catalogue was published in Turkish, Polish and English to document the exhibition for future reference.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the initiation of the political, economic, cultural and diplomatic relations between Malaysia and Turkey, with a selection from the Bank’s Art Collection, the exhibition entitled “Tradition, Culture and Modernity: CONTEMPORARY ART FROM TURKEY”, was presented at the Islamic Arts Museum of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia between the dates of 2 December 2014 and 31 January 2015. Summarising the development of Turkish painting, the exhibition offered a critical approach and insight in the context of tradition, culture and modernity. A special catalogue was published in Turkish and English to document the exhibition for future reference.

Featuring a selection of works from the Bank’s art collection, the exhibition, “Calligraphy – Ebru (Marbling) – Sedefkârlık (Mother-of-Pearl Inlay)” was held in Ankara at the CBRT Art Gallery from 10 May to 17 July 2014. The exhibition displayed works of art by inlay artist Salih Balakbabalar and marbling master Alparslan Babaoğlu on the theme of calligraphy.

In addition to cultural activities, within the context of sporting activities, the CBRT hosted the 7th traditional “Interbank Chess Tournament” with participation from local banks in İstanbul on 6 December 2014. The Bank teams attended ”Euro Bridge” in Poland, “Euro Tennis” in Austria, “Euro Table-Tennis” in Romania, “Euro Volleyball” in Greece and “Euro Hiking” in Italy, organized by the central banks that are members of the Sports and Cultural Associations of the European Central Banks and also the “10th Regional Central Banks Sports Tournament” hosted by the Central Bank of Montenegro in basketball and chess.