2.7. European Union Harmonization Activities

The screening process, comprising the first phase of accession negotiations with the EU, started on 3 October 2005 and was completed on 13 October 2006. Upon completion of the screening process, preparations for harmonization with the EU acquis continued.

Table 2 below shows developments on relevant chapters, in which CBRT participated in the screening process as well as in the accession negotiations.

Among chapters that are directly related to the Bank, Chapters “18. Statistics” and “32. Financial Control” were opened to negotiations on 26 June 2007, Chapter “4. Free Movement of Capital” and Chapter “17. Economic and Monetary Policy” were opened to negotiations on 19 December 2008 and 14 December 2015, respectively. Chapter “9. Financial Services” is one of the eight chapters which have been blocked by the decision, “negotiations will be blocked until Turkey fully implements its obligations on Cyprus” made at the EU summit on 14-15 December 2006. However, under the harmonization scope of this chapter, the Law on Payment and Securities Settlement Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Money Institutions (Law No: 6493) entered into force on 27 July 2013. This Law will also provide harmonization with the relevant EU legislation in Chapter “4. Free Movement of Capital”. Of the chapters that are directly related to the Bank, Chapter “33. Financial and Budgetary Provisions” is still under review by the Council.

Since the start of technical negotiations with the European Commission, three of six closing benchmarks for Chapter “32. Financial Control” have been fulfilled. Among these three, “The legislative and administrative alignment with the Council Regulation (EC) No: 1338/2001, arranging the protection of the Euro from counterfeiting” is the one to which the Bank has contributed. Among chapters which are indirectly related to the Bank, Chapter “28. Consumer and Health Protection” was opened to negotiations on 19 December 2007, Chapter “6. Company Law” on 17 June 2008 and Chapter “16. Taxation” on 30 June 2009. Opening benchmarks have been established for Chapter “19. Social Policy and Employment”. Chapter “2. Free Movement of Workers” is still under review by the Council.

In order to monitor the progress achieved in alignment with the EU acquis and to report the progress to the Commission, the Bank continues to provide information to the Ministry of EU Affairs on the developments in the related Chapters.

Table 2. The Status of the Chapters in which the Bank Participated in the Screening Process and Accession Negotiations
Directly Related ChaptersFinal Status in Negotiations Indirectly Related Chapters Final Status in Negotiations
4. Free Movement of CapitalOpened to negotiations.
(19 December 2008)
2. Free Movement of Workers In process at the Council.
9. Financial ServicesOpening of the chapter was blocked.
(14-15 December 2006)
6. Company Law Opened to negotiations.
(17 June 2008)
17. Economic and Monetary PolicyOpened to negotiations.
(14 December 2015)
16. Taxation Opened to negotiations.
(30 June 2009)
18. StatisticsOpened to negotiations.
(26 June 2007)
19. Social Policy and Employment Opening benchmarks have been defined.
32. Financial ControlOpened to negotiations.
(26 June 2007) Within the context of Positive Agenda
28. Consumer and Health Protection Opened to negotiations.
(19 December 2007)
33. Financial and Budgetary Provisions In process at the Council.