BIMER The Communication Center of the Prime Ministry
BIS Bank for International Settlements
BIST Borsa İstanbul
BoE Bank of England
BRSA Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency
CBRT Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
CPI Consumer Price Index
ECB European Central Bank
EMEs Emerging Market Economies
EU European Union
FDD Final Domestic Demand
Fed Federal Reserve, The Central Bank of the United States
GDP Gross Domestic Product
IBAN International Bank Account Number
ICH Interbank Clearing Houses Center
IILM International Islamic Liquidity Management Corporation
İMB Istanbul School of Central Banking
IMF International Monetary Fund
MPC Monetary Policy Committee
ROC Reserve Option Coefficient
ROM Reserve Option Mechanism
SDR Special Drawing Rights
TBB The Banks Association of Turkey
TL Turkish Lira
Treasury Undersecretariat of Treasury
TRT Turkish Radio and Television Corporation
TURKSTAT Turkish Statistical Institute
Türk Eximbank The Export Credit Bank of Turkey
US United States
USD US Dollar