2.13 Training Activities

During 2018, a total of 3,829 people took part in CBRT-organized training activities and 543 CBRT employees benefited from a variety of programs conducted by other institutions and organizations. Besides, a total of 21 CBRT employees took part in training activities organized in the country and abroad as instructor or speaker. Ten theses prepared by central bank assistant specialists were examined and found satisfactory by relevant thesis commissions.

The CBRT also provided its staff members with e-education (on-line education) opportunities. One such was an on-line foreign language education platform for executives to help them improve their knowledge in foreign languages. In the context of Occupational Health and Safety refresher training, e-education programs covering general, health-related and technical topics were made available to the relevant staff.

The CBRT organized the “Human Resources Competency Development Program” to enhance competencies of its employees working at managerial levels and the “Human Resources Basic Competency Development Program” for its mid-level employees to the same end and also to provide human resource for its management posts.

2.13.1 Training Programs Organized by the CBRT

During 2018, a total of 2,992 CBRT employees attended in-house training programs on “Banking” (1,118 participants), “Development and Soft Skills” (1,827 participants), and “Conferences and Panels” (47 participants) (Chart

A total of 826 university students took part in last year’s CBRT pre-recruitment programs, five took part in the Internship Program, and another six took part in the CBRT International Internship Program.

In order to improve the quality of statistical reports submitted by banks to the CBRT, a “Statistical Reporting Certification Program” was held on 5-6 December 2018 in Istanbul. During this training program, the CBRT explained its data compilation principles, the intended purpose of CBRT statistics and the areas in which these statistics are shared. Moreover, the CBRT gave information on the scope of reports submitted to the CBRT by banks along with the underlying international statistical standards. A total of 54 participants coming from the banking sector were certified at the end of the program.

2.13.2 International Training and Technical Support Activities

The Istanbul School of Central Banking organized a number of training programs jointly with national and international stakeholders, thereby contributing to the CBRT’s objectives. In this context, a total of 543 participants representing central bankers and related policy makers from 66 countries as well as employees working at national institutions attended these training programs.

The ISCB organized 20 international training programs in the form of seminars and workshops on issues pertinent to central banking. Of these programs, seven concerning cyber security, credit reporting systems, applied econometrics, making use of big data, corporates’ use of derivatives, financial technologies for financial stability and improvement of the efficiency and safety of national payment systems were organized for the first time in 2018. Likewise, a certification program for the “Balkan School of Central Banking” was also conducted for the first time last year. Designed for the central banks of Balkan states, this program consisted of four individual training sections with main headings of payment systems and tools, making use of big data in emerging market central banks, the corporate sector’s use of derivatives and implications for emerging market central banks, and applied econometrics for central bankers. The training was conducted as a single module extending through to two weeks.

International training programs organized by the ISCB are as follows:

The twenty training programs organized by the ISCB hosted 464 international participants representing 66 countries and 79 participants from Turkey (Chart

The programs’ 464 international participants represented countries in Asia, Europe, Africa as well as North and South America (Chart

2.13.3 Training Programs Organized by Other Institutions and Organizations

A total of 177 CBRT employees attended short-term training programs organized by other institutions and organizations in Turkey and 182 CBRT employees attended such programs abroad. Additionally, 35 CBRT employees took part in training programs organized by other institutions and organizations under the Financial Support Program for Academic Studies (Chart

During 2018, 117 CBRT employees, 24 of whom were recently enrolled, continued their graduate (Master’s and PhD) studies in Turkey, while 32 employees, including 10 recently enrolled, pursued their such studies abroad (Chart


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