2.14 Culture, Art and Sports Activities

The CBRT contributes to the promotion of Turkish painting on national and international platforms via exhibitions held in and out of the country, thereby displaying selected works of art from its art collection. Additionally, it also aims to ensure that Turkey’s cultural heritage is passed on to future generations.

Accordingly, the CBRT held the exhibition “The First Step towards the Malatya Modern,” which was curated by Prof. Burcu Pelvanoğlu of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Art History, at the Malatya Fehmi Kolçak State Gallery on 2-31 October 2018. The exhibition hosted 48 works of painting, sculpture and ceramics selected from the CBRT Art Collection.

As a part of the exhibition, a panel was organized on 7 October 2018, bringing together the curator of the exhibition, academicians and university students. Moreover, activities were held at the exhibition hall every day for primary school and fine arts high school students. Approximately 4,000 people visited the exhibition.

Another CBRT exhibition was held in Bursa at the Merinos Atatürk Culture and Congress Center of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality from 18 December 2018 to 15 January 2019. Curated by Prof. Pelvanoğlu, the exhibition Bakış (Glance) featured 29 works of art by 26 artists selected from the CBRT Art Collection. A panel was also held, at which Prof. Pelvanoğlu gave a speech, as a part of the exhibition. Additionally, a creative drama session was organized for high school students.

In the context of cultural and artistic activities, the CBRT organized “Mini Concerts” at its Art Center-Atrium to boost the synergy and solidarity among its employees.

In addition, the concert “Symphonic Folk Songs” was also organized at the Banknote Printing Plant Department on 15 November 2018. The Turkish Classical Music, Folk Music and Sufi Music Choirs, consisting of CBRT employees and retirees performed on 1 February and 26 April 2018, on 7 February and 8 May 2018, and on 29 May 2018, respectively, at Hacettepe University Culture Center.

In order to promote corporate identity on national and international platforms, bolster cultural and artistic activities, strengthen internal and external communication channels and to support photographic arts and photography artists, the CBRT organized its 2nd International Photography Contest with the theme “Economy and Crafts.” The contest attracted 8,891 photographs by 2,534 photography artists representing 75 countries.

The contest, the jury of which consisted of photography artists İbrahim Zaman, Ersin Alok, İlyas Göçmen, Tekin Ertuğ and Nurullah Genç, was conducted with the support of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) and the Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey (PAFT). At the end of the contest, three photographs won awards, 10 received honorable mentions, 60 were selected for exhibition and one photo was awarded with the CBRT Special Prize. The first place was awarded to Abhijit Banerjee from India for his photo “Life and Livelihood.” A total of 74 photographs, 32 of them by foreign photographers, were awarded at the end of the contest. The award ceremony and the exhibition featuring awarded photographs took place in Ankara.

In the context of internal communication and sporting activities, the CBRT organized its 9th Sports Festival, which hosted staff from the CBRT Head Office and Branches, on 21-22 April 2018 in Antalya to enhance communication and motivation among its employees. During the festival that has already become a tradition with increasing interest, a total of 738 participants competed in 11 fields this year. The sports festival, conducted in a friendly environment, attracted approximately 1,200 people including family members of the participating staff.

In order to strengthen motivation and internal communication among CBRT staff employed at branches, a simultaneous “Trekking” activity was organized on 12 May 2018, in which employees from all branches participated together with their family members.

The CBRT opened the new premises of its Sports Center on 26 September 2018. Refurbished with new, high-quality equipment, the sports center will help improve the quality of life of employees and help them get rid of stress, thereby boosting their productivity at work.

Within the context of sports activities, the CBRT football team became the European Champion in the Euro Football (Italy) tournament, in which 16 teams competed. The tournament was hosted by member central banks of the European Central Banks Culture and Sports Clubs Union, of which the CBRT is a member. Moreover, the CBRT also participated with its relevant teams in the Euro Tennis (Greece), Euro Volleyball (Hungary), Euro Swim (Malta) and Euro Chess (Belgium) tournaments.

Within the context of the activities of the European Central Banks Culture and Sports Clubs Union, the CBRT hosted the “European Central Banks Basketball Tournament” on 17-21 October 2018 in Antalya. A total of 107 sportspersons representing Estonia, Belgium, Slovenia, Spain, Romania, Greece, the ECB, the BIS and the CBRT participated in the event.

The CBRT teams also took part in Ankara Interinstitutional Basketball, Football and Table Tennis tournaments, organized by Ankara-based institutions and companies.

An astroturf football tournament was organized in November and December with the participation of the CBRT Head Office and Ankara Branch employees.

The 12th round of the CBRT-organized traditional “Interbank Chess Tournament,” which hosts participants from resident banks in Turkey, was held on 8 December 2018 in Istanbul.

Within the scope of the CBRT’s initiative to reward staff members’ children for outstanding achievements in the fields of education, sports, art or culture to strengthen the sense of belonging in the workplace, Governor Murat Çetinkaya welcomed those children with their staff member parents in his office and presented them with awards and plaques. Additionally, as a part of the activities of 23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, the CBRT took part in a number of events including a painting exhibition featuring paintings of a group of primary school students from Ankara in addition to the paintings of staff members’ children.

Economy and Crafts2,534 artistsThe international photography contest on “Economy and Crafts” attracted a total of 8,891 photographs by 2,534 photography artists from 75 countries.


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