Grafik 30

2.4.4. Cheque Clearing System

The ICH, established with the Law on Regulation of Payments by Check and Protection of Check Holders (The Law Number: 3167), performs its activities via Ankara and Istanbul Clearing Houses in accordance with the regulation on the ICH which was released by the CBRT.

The smooth and uninterrupted handling of the cheque clearing process, which plays a vital role with regard to payment systems, is of utmost importance. Therefore, to enhance the quality and efficiency of services offered, technological developments and current needs are taken into consideration and required improvements are made.

The volume and value of cheques cleared in the ICH in 2013 were 17.2 million and 349.9 billion TL, respectively. In 2014, the volume of cheques cleared 17.4 million and the value increased to 403.9 billion TL. (Graph 30).