2.9.1. International Relations

In order to guide the preparations of our country’s G20 presidency term in 2015, the “G20 Presidency Guidance Committee” was established by circular No: 28628 dated 25 April 2013 issued by the Prime Ministry; Governor Erdem Başçı is a member of this “G20 Presidency Guidance Committee”. Our Bank is also represented by Deputy Governor Turalay Kenç on the “Content Management Subcommittee” and “G-20 Task Force”. These committees conducted studies throughout 2014 to determine the content and provide logistics issues for our presidency in 2015.

On 1 December 2014, Turkey became the president of G20. The presidency has the priority of leading the discussions on the global social and economic issues and putting them into the G20 agenda. In this regard, the “Content Management Subcommittee” prepared and presented reports on the issues that is planned to be included in the agenda to the “G20 Presidency Guidance Committe”. Turkey’s priorities in the presidency term were announced by Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan as three “i”s. These are stated as inclusiveness, implementation and investment for growth. In accordance with these priorities, our Bank has been preparing discussion papers and contributing to the communiques that fall within its purview. Our Bank also organizes conferences, seminars and workshops that contribute to the G20 agenda. On December 10, 2014 the “Macro Prudential Policies” workshop was organized by the CBRTin İstanbul. The preparations have been continuing for the workshop on “Causes and Effects of Oil Price Movements and Policy Implications”. In addition, our Bank has also been actively participating in the G20 Logistics Task Force which is established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our Bank also has been working together with all the related public agencies and international organizations on both content and logistic issues of G20.

In 2014 the CBRT took further steps toward enhancing communication and technical cooperation with other central banks. High level policy dialogue meetings were held with Banca d’İtalia in April, with Bundesbank in July and with ECB in November. A conference on “Assessing the Macroeconomic Implications of Financial and Production Networks” was held jointly with the ECB at the CBRT’s Seminar and Recreational Facility in İzmir-Özdere during 12-13 September 2014. Participants from international institutions, central banks and universities attended the conference. Under the current Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), two delegations visited Banca d’İtalia for meetings on technical cooperation and international economic analysis in August and in November. On 27 September 2014, a MoU was signed with the Central Bank of Montenegro to enhance the bilateral relationship, to foster cooperation and to share information in the field of central banking. In line with the MoU with the Central Bank of Montenegro, mutual expert visits, technical consultancy on central banking issues, bilateral research acitivities, seminars and workshops are planned for the coming years.