1.2 Staff and Related Statistics

Due to its strategic role and duties, the CBRT employs highly-qualified human resources comprised of a variety of professions. At the end of 2021, the number of permanent staff positions was 4,125, 87.83% of which was occupied by 3,623 employees.

In 2021, the number of staff members newly employed by the CBRT was 171, while 47 employees left the Bank for reasons such as retirement, resignation, dismissal, military service obligations and death. Thus, the number of people on the Bank’s payroll at the year-end increased by 124 to 3,623, over the last year (Chart 1.2.1).

The majority of the CBRT staff (79.22%) work in general administrative services. While 13.25% are employed in technical services, 6.65% work in supporting services and 0.44% in health services and legal services. Of the Bank’s current staff, 90.51% hold permanent positions, while 9.49% are employed under contracts.

Of the CBRT’s staff, 58.46% are employed at the Head Office and 41.54% in branches. A breakdown of staff by age groups shows that the 31-40 age group makes up the majority (43.09%) of the staff (Chart 1.2.2). A breakdown by education indicates that 86.25% of the staff hold associate, graduate and post-graduate degrees (Chart 1.2.3).

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