2.12 Training Activities

In 2021, the CBRT’s training activities were based on a hybrid methodology combining e-learning materials, virtual classrooms and face-to-face trainings. Throughout the year, a total of 9,760 participants attended in-house training activities adding up to 45,317 hours. The average training duration per CBRT staff is 12.5 hours. Chart 2.12.1 shows the breakdown of trainings by topics.

In addition to in-house training activities, 24 employees participated in domestic training activities as lecturers and speakers. In the scope of thesis studies, 36 theses prepared by CBRT employees working as specialists and assistant specialists have been examined and found successful by relevant thesis evaluation commissions. An additional 130 specialists and assistant specialists continued to work on their theses.

2.12.1. Training Programs Organized by the CBRT

An array of e-learning platforms and materials were available for CBRT employees including information security, office ergonomics, occupational health and safety, disaster awareness, prevention of laundering proceeds of crime and financing of terrorism. In the field of ever-changing information technologies, which creates new learning requirements, the CBRT made use of international digital learning platforms that can be accessed by authorized employees at any time from wherever they like.

The orientation training for newly recruited employees has been updated in line with participants’ needs, and 195 new employees participated in these trainings. The CBRT has organized training on performance feedback interviews for managers. Other training topics have been: blockchain and distributed ledger technology, frontend development with React, financial tables, human resources analytics, etc.

A total of 172 university students from 42 universities took part in face-to-face CBRT pre-recruitment programs organized in Ankara and Istanbul.

2.12.2. Training Programs Organized by Other Institutions

A total of 118 CBRT employees participated in 15 short-term local training programs organized by other institutions and organizations in 2021. Of these employees, 99 took part online. In addition, 151 external short-term online training programs organized by other central banks and international organizations were determined and communicated to relevant departments for the participation of their employees. Moreover, three CBRT employees took part in training programs organized by other institutions and organizations under the Financial Support Program for Academic Studies. Chart shows the breakdown of training programs by subjects.

A total of 130 CBRT employees, including 22 recently recruited employees, continued their post-graduate (master’s and PhD) education in Türkiye. Within the scope of post-graduate education abroad, 24 employees, 18 of whom for master’s degree and 6 for PhD, benefited from scholarships provided by the CBRT; 16 employees, 10 of whom for master’s degrees, continued their education on external scholarships (Chart

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