1.2. Staff

In line with its strategic role in the economy, and the various tasks that it undertakes, the CBRT has qualified human resources comprised of different professions. By end-2016, the total number of CBRT staff posts was 5,118. The total number of staff employed 4,564 and the occupancy rate was 89.18 percent.

A total of 272 staff members ceased employment due to retirement, resignation, termination, military service or death, while 88 employees have been recruited. Additionally, 2 staff members have returned. Consequently, the actual number of staff members by the end of the year decreased by 182 to 4,564 compared to 2015 (Graph 1).

Graph 1. Number of Employees between 2007-2016

The distribution of CBRT staff is as follows: 77.10 percent comprised general administrative services, 11.74 percent technical services, 0.42 percent medical services, 0.26 percent legal services, and 10.47 percent by auxiliary services. Additionally, 17.31 percent of the staff employed is contract personnel.

Of CBRT staff, 54.47 percent work at the head office, while 45.53 percent work at the branches. In terms of the age distribution of the staff, 39.66 percent of the personnel fall in the range of 31‑40 years (Graph 2). Moreover, 74.50 percent of the Bank’s employees have associate, bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees (Graph 3).

Graph 2. Age Distribution of Employees
(Number of CBRT Employees)

Graph 3. Educational Distribution of Employees

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