2.10.1. Academic Research and Development Activities

In 2016, the working papers and research notes prepared by the CBRT staff were posted on the CBRT website as a reflection of the importance that the CBRT attaches to academic studies. Accordingly, 28 new publications were added to the CBRT working papers series that are composed of refereed research papers written by the bank staff. In addition, 32 new notes were added to the CBRT research notes on economics to contribute to discussions on economic issues in a timely fashion and to disseminate the results of research about the Turkish economy and monetary policy.

The CBRT’s refereed journal, the “Central Bank Review” covering topics such as macroeconomic stability, financial stability, liquidity management, payment systems and reserve management was published in four issues in 2016.

Moreover, 15 of the articles written in collaboration with the staff of the Research and Monetary Policy Department were published in journals listed in the Social Sciences Citation Index. In 2016, 13 seminars were organized by the Research and Monetary Policy Department for the CBRT staff. In these seminars, presentations were given by lecturers from domestic and international universities, international organizations and fellow central banks.

The İstanbul School of Central Banking (İMB) staff published 6 research papers in 2016; 1 of the papers was published in the journals listed in the Social Sciences Citation Index, 1 of the studies was published in CBRT Working Paper Series, 1 of them was published in the Central Bank Review and 3 of the papers were published in other national and international research publications.

In order to contribute to the CBRT’s technical capacity, knowledge, communication and bilateral cooperation in the areas of central banking, economics and finance; 19 research seminars were held at the İMB with the participation of academics, expert researchers and central banks’ economists. Moreover, the İMB hosted visiting programs which were designed to discuss academic studies prepared at the CBRT with an innovative view and to increase their visibility. Ten economists from 8 different institutions participated to the İMB’s visiting programs.

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