2.8.3. Activities on Financial Education and Economy Education

In 2016, the CBRT hosted a total of approximately 1,120 students from 30 universities in the framework of the “Informative Programs for University Students” programs, which have been organized by the Bank for more than a decade. Works were carried out to make the content of the programs more enriched and satisfying, and they were bolstered with animations. Through presentations, students were informed about the corporate structure of the CBRT, the monetary and exchange rate policies in place, communication practices and recruitment procedures. The schedule of the sessions and other detailed information were published on a specific page (available only in Turkish) dedicated to the program under the “Education & Academic” section of the CBRT’s website. Photos of the events were published through the CBRT’s social media channels.

Within the framework of the Prime Ministry Circular on “Financial Access, Financial Education and Financial Consumer Protection Strategy and Action Plans”, the CBRT held several informative activities throughout 2016 to encourage the use of kurus (Turkish coins) and foster the habit of saving. Accordingly, in response to the requests received through the Right to Information System, the CBRT distributed a variety of educational materials (12,000 Kurus Family Booklets consisting of cartoon series of the “Kurus Family”, cardboard money banks along with bookmarkers, pencils and erasers-all bearing the TL sign, 23 April Commemorative Children’s Money and 21,000 kurus volunteer badges) to approximately 110 primary schools throughout the country in 2016.

Moreover, 38,000 Kurus Family Booklets, 9,000 plastic money banks, 42,000 cardboard money banks, 75,000 23 April Commemorative Children’s Money and bookmarkers bearing TL signs, 37,000 kurus volunteer badges, 14,000 bags made of fabric, 10,000 pencils and 5,000 erasers were sent to 20 CBRT branches to be distributed to the primary schools located in their service areas.

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