2.8.4. Investor Relations

The CBRT introduced new arrangements in its communication policy with the Press Release dated 22 July 2016 and numbered 2016‑34. It was announced that meetings on technical issues would be held with investors and analysts, and regular meetings would be organized with investors at financial centers abroad. Also, it was decided that the monthly meetings with bank economists would be held when deemed necessary, as the need for these meetings would be reduced with these new arrangements. In this context, meetings with bank economists that had been held 4 times in the first half of 2016 were substituted by technical meetings. As a result, the number of technical meetings, which was 3 before 22 July 2016, increased to 19 (one of them was held as a teleconference), and the number of institutions participating in these meetings increased from 4 to 40 by the end of 2016. Moreover, during 2016, meetings with credit rating agencies were also maintained and 10 meetings including 2 teleconferences were held.

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